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Your Premium online store for all things soft and cuddly 

Not sure where to start? Don't stress we are here to help you!

We know that it is not easy to find a reliable supplier of quality gowns, dressing gowns and bathrobes that has stock all year round. Most retail outlets only stock gowns over the winter periods and in limited sizes.

At Snuggly, we have the full range of gowns available all year round. Our range includes all kids sizing for boys and girls and goes from Small up to 5XL as a standard stock-able item in the mens and women's gowns. We are able to make bigger gowns, right up to 8XL, on special request. This one of the great benefits of dealing with Snuggly. We work directly with the local factory, who has over 20 years of world class manufacturing experience in producing gowns, these products are supplied directly into the hospitality industry in South Africa and Africa, and now we bring them directly to you.

At Snuggly, we also understand that finding an embroiderer who not only does great embroidery, but is reliable and consistent in their work, is hard to find. Especially those who do custom, small quantity orders. At Snuggly all our embroidery is done in-house. We have great digitizers and experience machine operators, who process orders from one item to hundreds of items on a daily basis. We have dedicated embroidery machines and operators, just to do this type of work all day. Your order is in great hands.

Snuggly started out of a passion for online e-commerce, embroidery, personalised items and a total love of gowns, bathrobes and dressing gowns. We realised that there are many people like yourself that would love to have a great quality personalised gown, but do not know where to start.

We strive to offer a one stop shop, which is very easy to use and includes all the convenience that you would expect from a great supplier! We have a broad range of gowns, bathrobes and dressing gowns, in various styles and colours, which is ever growing. We focus on quality of product coupled with reliability and trustworthiness all available in one place.

Our gowns are perfect for all occasions 

Spa Days

Any day at the Spa is not complete without a fluffy and luxurious gown or bathrobe. Theses plush and warm robes have become synonymous with beauty treatments and relaxation. Now you can experience this in the comfort of your own home  daily.

Morning Time

The most popular way to use your coral fleece gown or towelling bathrobe is to wear it as soon as you wake up and keep it on as you walk out to get the newspaper, have a cup of coffee, and even put on your makeup before you start the day.

On Holiday

Whenever you check into a luxury hotel or game lodge, the first thing you do is check if there are those luxurious and plush fleece gowns in the closet. This offers a stylish way to stay covered up, but still, relax and enjoy your time away. Don't forget the slippers.


After a long day at work, many people find that just slipping into their favourite gown is an instant fix for their stress and worries. This is thanks to the relaxed fit compared to their daily attire, and the soft and luxurious material they’re made from. Life is just bliss.

Shower and Bath Time

For many people, a Towelling or Velour bathrobe is used for getting out of the bath or shower and drying themselves off. These are worn straight after getting out of the water and can be even more absorbent than a towel. Personalise your today. Name it to claim it.

With Visitors

If you have people visiting or someone comes to the door, putting your coral fleece gown on is considered a stylish and convenient way of staying covered up while still looking presentable. Our gowns and bathrobes are so stylish, you might go to the shops in one.

Wedding Gift

Weddings are the time of love and romance and there is no better gift for the newly wed couple than a personalised set of gowns or bathrobes. So whether its Mr and Mrs, or His and Hers sets, this gift will be appreciated for years to come.

Birthday Gift

Indulge a loved one on their special day with one of our plush and luxurious coral fleece gowns or towelling bathrobes. Each robe is high quality, super soft and comfortable. Want something extra special, add a pair of slippers and personalise the whole set.

Valentines Day

Valentines Day gifts are tricky. So just skip over the flowers, chocolates and perfume and go for the gift that keeps on giving. Just like your love for that special someone in your life. Nothing says "I Love You" than one of our personalised gowns. 

Anniversary Gift

Traditionally Cotton is given on the second Wedding Anniversary, but why wait so long? Snuggly's towelling gowns made from 100% cotton make the perfect anniversary gift any year. Personalise your gown with a name to make it extra special.

Bridesmaid Robes

At Snuggly we have the best getting ready robes for your bridesmaids and maybe even for you too. Make your special day extra memorable with a set of personalised gowns and slippers. All you need to do now is slip them on, pop the bubbly and have some fun.

Corporate Events

In business we don't often say thank you to our valuable customers and staff. Whether its a gift, conference, getaway, spa day or pamper party. We have a gown for you. Embroider your company logo and add a name to make this a memorable gift.