The Idea

The idea was born from having been in the embroidery business for a few years and owning a few online stores that do personalised products, we realised that there was a gap in the industry to offer personalised and branded caps to the market. For many clients, not only could they find the cap that they require, but also found it difficult to find a reliable embroiderer who produced quality workmanship. They also found it inconvenient to run around and pick up caps here and deliver them there and then to return some days later to find that they where not done. GetCapped was born to offer a comprehensive range of Caps, which could be ordered and personalised online and delivered nationally right to your door when complete. So we took the idea and put it into motion and the journey for us starts.

The Journey

The journey has been very exciting and an absolute thrill to date. We have welcomed many people to the GetCapped family along the way, many of whom have become friends and loyal clients. We have advised, assisted and seem many small apparel brands grow and flourish. We are always proud to see our caps been worn out and about or being part of a successful promotional event. We launched our store with around 20 products and have continued to grown the range and our offering. Over the period we have increased our production capacity to enable us to embroider more units per shift and currently operate a full day and night shift. We are very passionate about caps and embroidering them and will continue on this journey with the same level of energy and enthusiasm as the day we started.

The Destination

So what is the destination? We believe that we are on the right path to continue to build our family at GetCapped. We will continue to strive to bring the most comprehensive range of quality caps to our customers. We will continue to support local suppliers of caps in South Africa. Our goal is to elevate our current status to one of being a nationally recognised brand and the go to guys when you require either a single cap or a lot of them for any purpose, function or event in South Africa. At GetCapped we will continue to support and work with new up and coming brands to assist them in growing their brand and business so that together we can grow the industry together. We have invested a lot in technology to-date and will continue to innovate to constantly improve our quality or product and service to the market.

Our History

Owner Delme Thomas started GetCapped over 3 years ago out of the need identified in the market and his love and passion of caps, embroidery and online stores. Now all three could be melded together into the start of a business. It took Delme six months of weekend warrior work to design and produce the GetCapped website for launch to the market. The site was launched with around 20 products. From then on, the offering has been increased, services and systems improved. New partnerships have been forged to enable better service and quality of product and customer experience. We have just launched a new version of GetCapped and we are still writing our history day by day.

Our Team

We started our journey with one employee, Pray, and one embroidery machine and enough work to run a few hours. Then we would clean and pack the caps for courier collection. As the business grew, we employed more staff and Eric was next to join. Eric brought a wealth of experience to the team and shorty thereafter we bought our second embroidery machine. As time passed the brand grew and we took the bold step to expand our production capacity three fold, which resulted in Maya joining us and the start of a permanent night shift. Todate we have employed another two people, Mod to help clean the embroideries and check quality and Release, another embroidery machine operator.

Our Services

At GetCapped we continue to focus on improving our service offering to our customers. Our services include a wide range of caps, hats and headwear to our clients. Product is all embroidered in-house. We offer expert digitizing of logo's and artwork supplied by our clients. We offer our clients personal advise on their requirements and solutions to problems that may occur. All our products are sent via courier across the country through the use of three predominant courier companies with full track and trace capability all through our website. At GetCapped we have the ability to offer custom manufactured caps and hats within reason, however there are minimum run lots that apply.

Our Range

Our range of products has continued to steadily grow from when we started operating. Our key focus has been to source quality caps that offer great value for the price. We have focussed on finding caps that solve a problem for our clients and have the features and benefits that satisfy their requirements. We have continued to broaden the range and colour combinations to cover all the different applications one would have for a cap or hat. We have also increased our range to include a host of different materials utilised in the construction of the cap to offer different performance levels of each cap or hat. This process is ongoing for us as we are always looking for something new and exciting

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